Monday, January 17, 2011

Charlie's Second BIrthday Party

We celebrated Charlie's 2nd birthday in November.
I still can't believe that he's two.
My sweet, cuddly, silly, wild, totally crazy, busy little boy is...two.

Charlie's favorite place on Earth is the zoo.
His favorite toys are trains.
It seemed fitting to celebrate his second birthday doing things he loves, in the place he loves, with the people he loves.

So - we rented out a large room at the zoo. There wasn't a whole lot of decor to work with, and I was on strict orders by David NOT to go too crazy...for my sanity's sake. I complied with David's wishes and, I have to admit - the evening was really enjoyable.
Maybe David had the right idea afterall.

The table decor:

Guest Table decorations

A garland I made from scrapbook papers:

Here's a picture of the totally adorable cupcakes that I almost ruined by dropping them 10 seconds after picking them up from the baker. I almost had a heart attack. I did my best to mend them, but you can see that a couple of them were still kinda smooshed-ish.

Drink container decorated with zoo animal train cut-outs made with my cricut.

Another banner I made out of the pages of a vintage animal train book I bought on etsy.

Animal crackers for our friends:

Another picture of the cute, smooshed-ish, cupcakes:

Charlie checking out the chickens on our tour of the zoo:

Blowing out the candle:

Really enjoying the cute, smooshed-ish cupcakes:

Charlie wore pants I made out of zoo animal fabric I bought from a shop on esty.

Opening presents:

Such a fun time. Such a sweet boy.
I'm one lucky mommy.

And, one lucky friend. All the fantastic photos posted in this post were taken by my friend Sonya.
Thanks, Lady!


caycee said...

Happy Birthday beautiful boy!!! You did such an awesome job as always with the party decor!!!

PeaceLoveApplesauce said...

Awwe. Great pictures.. adorable babies!! Love all the decor!

Gina said...

You are so genius. I love you & I love the zoo train theme!

Rebecca said...

Love love love it!

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