Thursday, September 2, 2010

teacher gift

As a parent, I know that finding affordable and creative gifts for teachers can be challenging.
And time consuming.
And just plain exhausting.

Which is probably why, as a teacher, I've received more candles and lotions that one person could possibly use in a lifetime.

If you teach Avery or Charlie and receive a bottle of lotion or candle from me - it may, or may not, have come from the gigantic stash in my re-gift closet.
Ok...It definitely came from the re-gift closet.

'Cause if I smell Plumeria body lotion one more time, I may puke.

I love Avery and Charlie's teachers this year...I mean I really love them...and - in an effort to avoid giving them a lame re-gift this year, I did a little shopping on etsy.
That's when I found some really cute oilcloth lunch bags in this store.

You can purchase a pre-made lunch bag, or just make one from a DIY kit.
It's pretty affordable, and the shop owner was super nice and helpful.

I've never sewn with oilcloth and wasn't sure how much fabric I'd need for the project, so I thought I'd give the DIY kit a try.

Thankfully, the kit came with a tutorial for putting the bags together.

I discovered that oilcloth can be a little tricky to work with - since you can't pin the fabric together without piercing the oilcloth - but by the 3rd bag, I started to get the hang of it.

And then I ran out of thread. Of course...

Anyway - if you sew - or are just looking for a cute non-lotion, non-re-gift gift, check out Rick Rack Queen's shop on etsy.


Molly said...

I totally am loving the lunch bag!!!! Such sweet sentiments! Avery is a precious little girl...I am not
surprised at all..(she is your daughter!)

Plumeria? I did wear that lotion today...hope I didn't
make you sick! ;-)

kris said...

oooh so that's what my lunch bag will look like! can't wait to get it. and you probably ran out of thread because i stole yours at craft club. just sayin'...

Mel said...

I love it...thanks for sharing!!

Izzy said...

That's a unique teacher's day gift! Did they like it? =D

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