Friday, July 9, 2010


One of Avery's favorite things to do is to make "nests" outside...for the ants.

Yep. For the ants.

Cause everyone wants to make the ants more comfortable right in front of their house.
I guess it's better than making them welcome IN your house...

Charlie wanted to join in the fun - which for him means destroying everything that Avery is trying to create..

Avery caught on and quickly guarded her handiwork...

But not before El Crafti-one grabbed a nest peice for the road.

So - if you drive by our house and see several clumps of dirt randomly placed in our yard, you'll know where it came from.


Rebecca said...

Hahaha, cute!

kris said...

love that face, such a mess!

breanne said...

the last picture says it all! geez, she is a cute one!

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