Thursday, May 21, 2009

craftin' with the sis

My little sister Katharine came over the other night to do some crafting. She's graduating from High School and wanted to make a gift for her friend and future roomie.

Katharine's idea was to scrapbook and decoupage a plain wooden wastebasket for her friend's room.

I'm not really a scrapbooker, but I'm learning.
I can cut, glue, decoupage, and distress all day long, but figuring out layouts and whatnot kinda make my head hurt.
I enlisted the help of a scrapbooking magazine for ideas - which turned out to be a very smart decision.

We had a blast working on it. Katharine's got a really great eye and is pretty craftilicious.

We did a little painting, a little tracing, a little pasting, a LOT of re-arranging, and a little decoupaging.
Side One:

Another view:

It may not be earth shatteringly creative, but it was really fun to put together.

I also made a matching picture frame to go along with the wastebasket:

I think it turned out cute... except for the fact that I put the paper on UPSIDE DOWN.

I did something a little different to the paper flower than I normally do and distressed it a bit using my handy dandy distress ink.

The sister that crafts together...

I'm seeing more nights like this in our future! Fun, fun, fun!


Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

So cute! I am loving all the crafty blogs posts you've been doing lately.

Kodi said...

That was a great idea! I loved decoupaging the letters like you did for Miss K herself. I love the way it turned out. Too pretty to put trash in!

Kelli said...

Stop by, I gave you an award.

all4boys said...

I gotta say...for an old high school buddy and a blogging buddy, I'm really disappointed my blog isn't on your blog list. I thought you were a nice girl. Lol. I'm kidding, hope ya know that.

Looks like you and the baby sis had fun!!! So she was how old when we graduated???

Colored With Memories said...

i think that is the prettiest trash can i've ever seen!

y'all are so cute!

Carmen said...

What cute sisters! You two look so much alike!

Kelli said...

What a cute project! You two are adorable.

Jenn M said...

What a cute idea! I agree it's too cute to put trash in!!! Thanks for all the neat ideas! I've never been real crafty, but now I'm getting some good ideas from you!

misty said...

i'm suprised to read that you say you can't scrapbook - i don't believe it!

mommaof4wife2r said...

now aren't you too cute~

April said...

i was curious on your thoughts on this matter.Every since i have became a mommy i have been convicted on how we as women dress. I noticed the picture of the two ladies in bikini's at which i too used to wear. I have learned through lots of prayer and bible scriptures where it talks to dress modest and not become stumbling blocks for our brothers in Christ. I do have a little girl and boy now so this all hit home and also knowing a very good friend of mine whose husband became a believer not too long ago but is also recovering from pornography has really helped in me hearing God's voice in the matter. I am though so guilty of not being in the word enough and wondered your thoughts...Thanks in advance.

Paisley & Polka Dot Patterns said...

Love the project ideas, so creative! You and your sister are beautiful, cherish that friendship, it's precious and priceless and you are blessed to not only get along but love each other so much! xo

Sarah @ Thrifty Decor Chick said...

What a fun idea -- the wastebasket! I would have never thought of it! Love it!

Brittany said...

I want a sister! :)

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