Sunday, May 31, 2009

6 months

How can he be half a year old already?

Because to a sleep-deprived Mommy one day can feel like one week. And one week fly by in one minute.
Me too.

How did I miss that he has DOUBLE ear infections?

Because he is the quite possibly the sweetest, most laid-back baby ever.
And he never whines.
Or fusses.
I adore him. And I feel like a total jerk for not noticing his pain.

Will he ever stop sleeping in his CAR SEAT or will he be sleeping in a papasan chair at 16?

I'm afraid that if I were consulting the Magic 8 Ball, the answer would be something like, "Outlook not good".

How can such a cute little guy sound like this?

Because he is

The stats:
ear infections: 2
shots: 3
pounds: 16.7
50% for weight
25-50% for height. (give it up for being average! WOO HOO!)
100% for cuteness.


SarahHub said...

Oh, he is 100% cute!

Rach@In His Hands said...

My Josiah is just a bit older than I'm getting all teary-eyed thinking of the things he is doing or what he looks like. I want my baby home - BOO HOO!!

However....keep showing that sweet boy of yours so I can live vicariously through you, my friend!! :-)

Jenn M said...

He is so very cute! Charles would be so proud!

Colored With Memories said...

no way! no way! 6 months? it can't be!!

are you sure that wasn't your hubby snoring in the background? of course i'm sure it isn't as cute as when baby charlie does it!?!

i've missed many an ear infection's just a rite of passage into something...not sure what!

lily was a carseat sleeper too...i say as long as they aren't getting a flat head, do what works!

he looks like such a little man in that top pick...again...that couldn't be him snoring!

kris said...

he's growing up too fast!!! love the snoring! and i know i've missed ear infections with faith too, at her 2 year checkup she had a raging double and i had no idea. so if i missed that one, i'm banking on the fact i've missed others. go figure.

Kodi said...

Haha I love the snoring video. I have a feeling it will get louder as he gets older. Seriously, why do men snore so much more than women!? He is precious. I can't WAIT for my baby to be here!!!

Sarah@Life in the Parsonage said...

6 months!?!? Holy smokes where did that go? Seems like just yesterday you were the cute preggo girl :) He is so stinkin' cute...may the next 6 months go slower...and involve more sleeping ;)

me said...

oh, how can it be! what a sweet, sweet boy! even if he will be sleeping in a papasan chair and snoring loudly while his wife sleeps in the bed with ear plugs!

crazigirl80 said...

Wow!!! Where does time go? I so remember you sharing the news of his birth! It has been so fun watching him grow up! (I know, that sounds kinda weird/stalkerish :)

Kelli said...

He is adorable. You must kiss on him all the time.

Wendi @ Every Day Miracles said...

WOW! What a cutie!! He sounds so delightful too! Gotta love sweet laid back baby boys.

Jamie said...

awe, so stinkin cute! i love his cheeks! coley wants to play soon! i am working beths art camp all week till 1! lets get all these cuties together!

Brittany said...

I'm lovin' the snoring!
Too darn cute! :)

misty said...

o my stinkin word - time flies! 6 months already?!?! he is still as cute as the fist pictures you posted :)

Paisley & Polka Dot Patterns said...

Aw I love the way you write! He's so adorable! Hope he's feeling better soon!

CHER said...

Love your post-- you are a doll. Thanks for stopping by my blog-- and thanks for commenting.

Tiffany said...

Oh, he is such a cutie! My baby boy is almost 11 months and it is totally freaking me out. It has flown by and I feel like all I have done with him is feed him and put him to sleep. Oh, it's sad. My boy went through 3 double ear infections in a row. It was horrible. I couldn't believe your post because I had no idea that mine had one either because he is also a super happy and laid back little guy. I started to catch on when he started waking up in the middle of the night again. Ear infections are the worst!

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