Friday, June 3, 2011

paci's are not forever. or ARE they?

This guy loves some paci's.
A lot.

And the closer he gets to 3, the more worrisome his love becomes to me.
Because I know something that he doesn't know.
I know that the Day of Reckoning is coming.
The Day of Doom.
The Day of No. More. Pacifiers.

How am I going to get up the nerve to separate him from his one, true love?
I may just break his sweet little heart right in two.

It's been weighing heavily on David's mind too.

The other day when we took the kids to the Library, I ran across this book.

It was like a sign.
And I actually found myself entertaining the totally delusional thought that this book could be the key to ending my 2 year old's serious paci addiction.
I just knew that the words of the book would speak to him so clearly that he would have no choice but to get rid of his paci forever.

Looking at David, (and feeling quite proud of my lucky little find) I said, "Hey, Daddy - let's read this one."
I could be wrong, but I thought I sensed in David's eyes a little glimmer of hope too.
The story/crucial life lesson started out really well.
Charlie was super engaged.
He happily and eagerly pointed to the pacifier on each page we read.
Then, we got to the good stuff...
Here's how it went:

me (reading): ...Goodbye paci. Let's throw our paci in the trash-y.

Charlie (looks at me in utter disbelief, like I had just read the silliest book known to man): Noooo... we don't throw our paci's in the trash-y.

Then he promptly walked off.

Clearly, this is going to be more difficult than I'd hoped.


Swirls of Happy said...

This is such a cute post and he is such a cutie!! Good luck :)

Mindy said...

My little boy loves his passy, too. And we are beginning to talk about getting rid of it. Of course, we are also talking about using the big boy potty. Neither are going well at this point.

But, I will say this. He's my 4th child and all 4 of them took passies. None of the girls still have them. It'll happen. =)

kimmeebee said...

I had to call in for reinforcements when it was time to get rid of Emma's binkies (she was the same age as Charlie I think. Anyway, the Binky Fairy just up and took them all away one day but everywhere there used to be a binky (car, kitchen drawer, bathtub, etc.) there was a gift in its place! The gifts were stuff that engaged her attention for a while (books, games, bath crayons, etc.) and that helped keep her entertained so she'd forget about binky for a little while.

The nights SUCKED!! I just held her while she fussed and she fell asleep eventually. It took three nights of getting very little sleep but she kicked the habit. But we got through it and she was fine!

Good luck!

Rebecca said...

That last picture with the 2 pacis was awesome!

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