Tuesday, January 26, 2010

first official haircut

I took Charlie to get his hair cut the other day and would be totally remiss if I didn't post the pictures on the blog...especially since my blog ends up serving as an online baby book for my poor, neglected second child most of the time.

It's so sad that Avery's baby book is filled with random, silly facts about her eating habits, sleeping patterns, and bowel movements, but poor Charlie's is totally empty.

I stink.

So I guess you'll have to bear with this guilt-ridden mommy as I blatantly post braggadocios and completely obnoxious mommy photos for the sake of memory keeping.

...Or you can just go on to the next blog in your Google Reader.
It's cool.
You won't hurt my feelings.
I promise.
Go ahead...

On to my post:
Here's my little Shaggy Shagster before:
(loving on his "buddy". A fact that makes my heart a little too happy for words.)

(somebody wasn't liking it)

And After:


Such a Little Man.

That will be all.
Carry on.


Rach@In His Hands said...

Eeeeeeeeeee!!! Good gracious that boy is GORGEOUS! Shaggy or not, he's totally cute.

Josiah has gotten a few trims by my skilled aunt, but is definitley in need of a real haircut now. Sigh.

mommaof4wife2r said...

oh my word!!!!!!!! uber cuteness!

Brittany said...


Anonymous said...

He is precious...looks like a mini-me Matt Damon!

lovegra said...

Ohh!!So cute.sweet naughty boy.

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